Video Library

Explore our video library for a visual look at some of the work we do in the Sky Island region! For webinars, trainings, and coffee breaks, visit this page.

The Borderlands:

We’ve Analyzed Four Million Border Wildlife Study Photos (30s):

A Pilot’s Story: The Changing Borderlands of Southeastern Arizona (5m):

Field Notes: Wildlife Enjoying a Sky Island Monsoon (2m):

The Sky Islands:

Sky Island Spotlight—Saguaro National Park (1m):

Sky Island Spotlight—San Rafael Valley (1m):

Sky Island Spotlight—Mica Mountain (1m):

Sky Island Spotlight—The Galiuro Mountains (1m):

Sky Island Spotlight—Colossal Caves (1m):

Wildlife & Water:

How to Help the Cats of the Sky Islands (2m):

A No-Nose Fawn on Our Border Wildlife Camera (10s):

A Cute Gray Fox Family on Our Border Wildlife Camera (10s):

Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours—Javelinas Being Bros (30s):

Field Notes—North American Porcupines (20s):

Watch Out—It’s a Coati Troop Stampede (10s):

Stewardship & Restoration:

Looking Back at Pulling Invasive Vinca in Aravaipa Canyon, 2021 (2m):


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