Restoring Connections — Summer 2021

Learn how you’re supporting a better future for
wildlife in the Sky Islands:


Walt Emann, student researcher, says:

“I’m still amazed by the incredible numbers of different flora and fauna I barely knew existed…

The mountains, the forests, the waterways … are like works of art.”


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Thanks to you, Sky Island Alliance documented 109 wildlife species so far in the path of the border wall!


Inside this Newsletter:

Dark skies are a remarkable part of the Sky Islands.

When darkness blankets the landscape, it not only unveils the stars—it also provides high-quality habitat for the region’s numerous wildlife species.

However, lighting along the U.S.-Mexico border stands to disrupt the health and ecology of many of these species.

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“We need to be doing much more in a time of mega drought to protect ephemeral waters in the state.”

— Louise Misztal, SIA Executive Director



Who’s vital for our success? Volunteers & donors like you!

You help us study border wildlife and springs, advocate for science and law to be respected, and raise awareness about the diversity of Sky Island life.

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