Field Notes

Sky Island Waters: Adapting the Way Spring Ecosystems are Monitored, Managed, and Restored

July 23, 2021

This final report of work accomplished was put together in March 2021 for the BOR WaterSMART Applied Science Grant. The report details the tasks completed for three main projects: the…
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Environmental Flows Policy Guide

Sky Island Alliance and University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center have worked together since 2016 to promote dialogue, understanding, and innovation among water managers, natural resources managers, and community…
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Sky Island Springs Prioritization Tool

July 21, 2021

Sky Island Alliance created a Sky Island Springs Prioritization Tool to help land managers gain insight into the state of nearly 4,000 springs in southern Arizona. It is a database,…
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Localización, caracterización biológica y perturbaciones antropogénicas de manantiales cercanos a la ruta Esqueda – Sierra del Tigre, Sonora

May 27, 2021

Los manantiales se encuentran entre los ecosistemas con mayor diversidad estructural, ecológica y biológica, pero siguen siendo algunos de los ecosistemas más amenazados de la Tierra (Stevens y Springer, 2005)….
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Story Map: Enhancing Resilience to Catastrophic Wildfire

April 16, 2021

In the past 15 years, 25% of the U.S. Sky Islands have burned in wildfires. Moderate and high burn severity made up 35% of the burned area. This story map…
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Oases of the future? Springs as potential hydrologic refugia in drying climates

July 28, 2020

Natural springs in water‐limited landscapes are biodiversity hotspots and keystone ecosystems that have a disproportionate influence on surrounding landscapes despite their usually small size. Some springs served as evolutionary refugia…
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Springs in the Sky Island Region: Inventory, Assessment, and Management Planning Project (Cienega Creek Groundwater Basin)

This report details the methodology and results of Sky Island Alliance’s two year project to inventory and assess springs in the Cienega Creek Basin, and to make newly collected and previously…
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Arizona Springs Restoration Handbook

March 11, 2016

This handbook was co-produced with the Springs Stewardship Institute. With support from the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative. This handbook is meant to advance the understanding of springs by land managers in the…
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Fire and Water: Assessing Spring Ecosystems and Adapting Management to Respond to Climate Change

January 28, 2016

This report details the methodology and results of Sky Island Alliance’s two year project to inventory and assess springs in the Upper Santa Cruz River Basin, assess impacts of fire on…
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