Mujeres Fronterizas #4: Edna Mendoza

In this episode of “Mujeres Fronterizas,” an environmental justice podcast featuring women in conservation in the borderlands, Sofia Rodriguez McGoffin interviews guest Edna Mendoza about growing up in Nogales, Arizona, her educational journey, career work with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and recent retirement.

For more than 30 years, Edna worked for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality overseeing the Office of Regional and Border Assistance. Under her leadership, the agency developed the first binational state-to-state environmental strategic plan. This was in collaboration with Sonora’s Ecology and Sustainable Development Commission, North American Development Bank, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She also worked for Pima County as an environmental compliance inspector. And throughout her career, she’s participated in several committees with a focus on environmental health and cross-border collaboration.

Co-creators: Denise Moreno Ramírez, Sofia Rodriguez McGoffin, Christian Aguilar Murrieta, Louise Misztal, Amy Amoroso

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