Emiel Martin Brott

Pronouns: They/Them

I came to the Sonoran Desert in the early 2000s to pursue master’s research with local groups in the binational San Pedro River Basin. I knew I’d stay for good, as the U.S.-Mexico border and its people, wildlife, and rich cultural history took hold. The next 13 years found me working at Sonoran Institute, with partners throughout Tucson and Mexicali, to help secure fresh water for the Santa Cruz River and the Colorado River Delta, respectively. What an adventure! Through it all, Sky Island Alliance staff were by my side, asking the tough questions and taking critical leadership positions. I was so impressed. I earned my MBA and am now an executive director at The Drawing Studio in Tucson. I am deeply honored and humbled to now be part of the alliance’s board. Sky Island Alliance has always meant so much to me — for its unwavering commitment to the border and binational work; for its leadership on watersheds and especially seeps and springs; for its tremendous volunteer force; and for its focus on science and large-landscape restoration. Thank you, Sky Island Alliance staff and volunteers!