David Hodges

For more than 30 years, I have worked as a grassroots organizer and conservation advocate. I have combined my love for the outdoors with a thorough understanding of conservation principals, hands-on experience in conservation planning and implementation, a practical strategic vision, and skill in coalition building. My early training was by osmosis, working on mainstream political campaigns. I further developed my organizing skills through formal training programs conducted by the Midwest Academy and the United States Students Association. Over the years, I’ve worked on a wide range of environmental and social justice issues, including Native American religious freedom, endangered species protection, student organizing, social and environmental effects of international trade, and homelessness. Over the years, I have worked with a number of fine conservation organizations. These include the Student Environmental Action Coalition, Southwest Center for Biological Diversity, Mt. Graham Coalition, National Audubon Society, Southwest Forest Alliance, and Sky Island Alliance. Working with Sky Island Alliance over a 15 year period, I served on the initial Board of Directors (1995-2002), became Board President (1999-2002), moved to Executive Director (2002-2005), and then Policy Director (2005-2010). I currently work with the Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation, with a focus on Science, Research, Monitoring, Fundraising, and Planning. In addition to Sky Island Alliance, I am currently on the boards of the Chiricahua Regional Council, Borderlands Habitat Network, and on the Steering Committee of the Coronado Planning Partnership.