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A border wall has no place through the heart of our region.

Border wall construction is currently paused in Arizona, and many contracts have been canceled.

Still, there is much to do to stop wall construction for good, to return these habitats to health, and to advocate for the rights of the Indigenous peoples impacted by construction.


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Since 2019, we’ve watched border wall construction tear apart wildlife habitat and sacred Indigenous lands in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. This has been horrific to witness, but we’ve been able to respond quickly by monitoring border wildlife, tracking construction phases and impacts, and protecting critical pathways for the region’s rare big cats — all critical actions that were made possible thanks to your help and support.

Use the following list to get involved in protecting our wild borderlands. Every bit helps, and we thank you for lending your voice and time to the care of this region’s flora, fauna, and border communities.

We need $100,000 for our research and restoration projects in the borderlands.

Will you help us reach our goal?

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  • Help us check Border Wildlife Study cameras in the field. 
  • Document and send us sightings of border wall construction or presence of contractors. 

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