Art Gallery: Keep the Borderlands Wild

Come celebrate and bear witness to the beautiful wilds of the Sky Island borderlands.

Border wall construction has torn through the Huachuca and Patagonia Mountains in southeastern Arizona, destroying critical habitat for over 100 wildlife species, including the rare big cats, ocelot and jaguar.

In response, artists from across the Sky Island region submitted art to bear witness to the borderlands—and spark hope in others for a brighter future. May these depictions of the borderlands—and the wildlife that depend on them—help you rewild, reconnect to, and rediscover this region’s incredible landscapes, mountain ranges, and habitats.

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Photos and Art:

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Singer-songwriter Fred Shumate shares “Little Dove,” a song inspired by nature and video filmed in the Borderlands of Arizona and Sonora.

Little Dove from San Pedro River Videos on Vimeo.