Where to Embark on a Sky Island Adventure

February 26, 2018

It’s the most romantic name in the world for a mountain: sky island. The two words conjure up a magical, lofty kingdom from Avatar or your favorite children’s book, and…
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Groups plan longer Tucson campaign to beat back invasive buffel grass

January 29, 2018

Doug Siegel is among thousands of volunteers on a mission to “Save Our Saguaros,” one clump of buffelgrass at a time. “The Sonoran Desert is one of the most diverse…
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Passage Prevented

For more than a year, then-candidate Donald Trump promised voters at rallies, in tweets and on debate stages that America’s very safety and sovereignty had been compromised, and the only…
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Calling All Souls: Spiritual Activism on the Border

November 9, 2017

Kids dressed as Jaguars run through the crowd growling and giggling. They remind us: What is wild belongs here.

Up Against the Wall

September 28, 2017

On a quiet, late-spring morning in northern Sonora, Mexico, a beaver putters across a pond the size of a football field. A sinuous dam, 5 feet high, forms the pond’s…
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Endangered species, and the wall that could silence them

Under the starry skies over the jagged Sierra Madre foothills, Randy Young listens. He slings his hammock between two mesquites, deep in the 55,000 acres he manages for the Tucson-based…
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How Trump’s Border Wall Could Block the Most Exciting Wildlife Comeback in North America

Jaguars are reappearing in the Southwest. A border wall would put an end to that.

In letter to president, 450 organizations oppose any efforts to remove or decrease protections for any national monuments

June 20, 2017

Dear President Trump, Secretary Zinke, and Secretary Ross, On behalf of the 450 undersigned organizations and our millions of members across the country, we are writing to express our deep…
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Borderlands Cat

I am standing next to a tranquil, spring-fed pool in northern Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountain range. Lush grasses sway below a cliff glistening with life-giving liquid. In a nearby tree,…
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It’s Open Studio Season

Tucson artists open their doors to show off metal jaguars, painted dreams, photos and more Way out west on Ina Road, clear past the freeway, Pat Frederick has spent the…
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