Field Notes

Field Notes: Porcupines in the Sky Islands? A More Likely Sighting than You Think

November 10, 2021

Photo captions: A North American porcupine hanging out on a log on a Border Wildlife Study camera. ​In September 2021, one of our Border Wildlife Study cameras detected this adorable porcupine as…
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Webinar Recap: Tips for Living Well with Urban Wildlife

November 4, 2021

This morning, Zoë Rossman, urban ecologist and University of New Mexico Ph.D student, opened our eyes to the amazing adaptations of wildlife thriving in our cities and spoke to how…
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Summer Intern Stories: Mi Experiencia En Cámaras Trampas / My Experience with a Wildlife Camera

November 1, 2021

Escrito por Gabriela Alejandra Smith Ramírez, participante del Programa Binacional de Pasantías de Sky Island Alliance. / Written by Gabriela Alejandra Smith Ramírez, a 2021 Sky Island Alliance Binational Internship Program participant….
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Summer Intern Stories: Mi Cámara Silvestre / My Wildlife Camera

Escrito por Fátima Sotelo Molinar, participante del Programa Binacional de Pasantías de Sky Island Alliance. Desde el primer mes trabajando con la cámara de FotoFauna he quedado admirada y muy entusiasmada en seguir viendo las capturas que he obtenido con mi cámara. Desde la primera vez que revise la memoria he tenido avistamientos que no me esperaba. Muchas especies que…
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Tips for Protecting Wild Cats #2: Brake for Bobcats!

October 22, 2021

We believe in a world where iconic wild cats thrive, a world where park staff and local communities are united and provide safe passage for wildlife across public lands and…
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Friday Flora Feature: Arizona Fishhook Pincushion (Mammillaria grahamii)

October 14, 2021

When hiking through southeastern Arizona in the desert or woodlands, it’s a real treat to see the Arizona Fishhook Pincushion cactus (Mammillaria grahamii) growing cryptically under palo verde trees, creosote shrubs, or even under other cacti. Over the course…
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Summer Intern Stories: How Fauna and Flora can be Used Sustainably on Sonoran Cattle Ranches

October 7, 2021

Written by Mónica Montaño, a 2021 Sky Island Alliance Binational Internship Program participant. A rancher’s main concern is the production of either goat or bovine cattle, either for the sale…
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Historias de pasantes de verano: Cómo la fauna y la flora se pueden utilizar de manera sostenible en los ranchos ganaderos de Sonora

Escrito por Mónica Montaño, participante del Programa Binacional de Pasantías de Sky Island Alliance. Las principales preocupaciones de un ganadero es la producción ya sea de ganado caprino o bovino…
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Community’s Choice: The Three Best FotoFauna Photos of Summer 2021

September 28, 2021

With autumn’s cooler temperatures rolling into the Sky Island region, let’s pause and look back at the warmer months of 2021: the monsoon storms, the greening trees and shrubs, the…
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Love Bats? This Fall, Help Us Monitor Their Activity

September 21, 2021

At some point over the summer, did you wake up to discover that your hummingbird feeder had been drained and emptied seemingly overnight? If so, how exciting! You may have…
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