Come See Us at “Science on the Sonoita Plain”

Sky Island Alliance staff will be at the Science on the Sonoita Plain Symposium on Saturday, May 7. Hosted by the Cienega Watershed Partnership and Friends of Sonoita Creek, this day of events will cover science and engagement across the Cienega and Sonoita Creek watersheds, from Vail to Patagonia and beyond. You're invited to share your...
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Junior Spring Seeker at Agua Caliente Park

Agua Caliente Park 12325 East Roger Road, Tucson, AZ

Bring the whole family to Agua Caliente Park on Saturday, May 14 between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Families will be able to pick up a free kids activity booklet to learn about springs, nature, plants, and animals — and why we want to protect our Sky Island springs. Kids can also pledge to be...
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Coffee Break: Geology and Geomorphology of the Sky Islands


Have you ever wondered how the Sky Islands were created? How rivers became oriented in certain directions? How vegetation and soils play off each other to create the geographic diversity we see in sky islands? Join us Thursday, May 19, at 9:30 a.m. to hear from the University of Arizona's Professor Jon Pelletier. He'll share...
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Border Wildlife Tracking Blitz

San Rafael Valley near the U.S.-Mexico Border

There are only a few spots along the U.S.-Mexico border still open to wildlife movement between the two countries. The stretch from the Patagonia Mountains to the Huachucas, across the San Rafael Valley, is one of them. For the past few years we've been focused our Border Wildlife Study here. Now we want to document...
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Coffee Break: Sky Island Fireflies


Did you know there are more than 20 different species of fireflies in Arizona? Or that fireflies in the Sky Islands synchronize their flashes, lighting up the night in unison? Join us for our next Coffee Break to learn more from firefly expert Joe Cicero.

Birding With a Purpose: Help Survey Springs in the Sky Islands

Virtual / In Collaboration With Tucson Audubon

Join us to learn more about SIA's Spring Seeker program from Habitat Conservation Manager Sarah Truebe. Next time you go birding, you can survey a spring too! It’s easy with our smartphone app. This will help protect these precious water sources, and it'll benefit the birds and other wildlife.

Training: Learn How to Become a Sky Island Spring Seeker


Join us to learn more about the Spring Seeker program from SIA Habitat Conservation Manager Sarah Truebe. Spring Seeker is a community science program where volunteers can search for springs across southern Arizona and northern Mexico, documenting conditions using a simple smartphone app.

Spring Seeker Field Trip: Huachuca Mountains

Meetup at Pizzeria Mimosa 4755 E. Neapolitan Way, Hereford, AZ

Join us in the field to explore Clark Spring in southern Arizona's Huachuca Mountains. This is an approximately 2-mile round-trip hike at 6,000 feet elevation.

Spring Seeker Field Trip: Patagonia Mountains

Paton Center for Hummingbirds 477 Pennsylvania Ave., Patagonia, AZ

Join us in the field to explore a natural spring in southern Arizona's beautiful Patagonia Mountains. As a group, we’ll decide how to answer the Spring Seeker survey questions, and everyone will get a chance to submit their own surveys and pictures.

Critter Night at Tucson’s Mission Garden

Mission Garden 946 W Mission Lane, Tucson, AZ

Every year in August, Tucson's Mission Garden invites experts from wildlife agencies, local nonprofits, and the University of Arizona to come teach about wildlife in our area. Some groups bring live animals. Join us for this fun, family-friendly night. Free with $5 suggested donation.