Welcome Micah Kaufmann, Our 2021-22 Earth Grant Intern

October 14, 2021

Sky Island Alliance is pleased to welcome Micah Kaufmann (they/them) to our wildlife program team for the 2021-2022 school year. Micah is a part of the University of Arizona’s Earth Grant internship program, an opportunity that places students…
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Acabamos de Tener Nuestro Primer Avistamiento de Serpientes en el Estudio de Vida Silvestre Fronteriza

September 16, 2021

El 11 de julio, casi 16 meses después del inicio de nuestro Estudio de Vida Silvestre Fronteriza, nuestras cámaras trampa detectaron la primera serpiente del estudio: ¡una Culebra chirrionera de Sonora (Masticophis bilineatus)! …
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Monsoons, Meso-carnivores, and Bears, Oh My! Two Months of Camera Data from the Coronado National Memorial

August 11, 2021

​A little over two months ago, Sky Island Alliance staff and intrepid volunteers extended our Border Wildlife Study east into the Coronado National Memorial in the Huachuca Mountains with Block…
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We just had Our First Border Wildlife Study Snake Sighting

August 10, 2021

On July 11, almost 16 months after the start of our Border Wildlife Study, our trail cameras detected the first snake of the study — a Sonoran whipsnake (Masticophis bilineatus)!…
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A Big Year on the Border—Year 1 Border Wildlife Study Results

May 6, 2021

This webinar aired on may 06, 2021. Since March 2020, our array of Border Wildlife Study cameras have continuously documented ecological and environmental change along 30 miles of the U.S.-Mexico…
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Notes from the Field: Spiders Abound at Trail Cameras near the Huachuca Mountains

April 30, 2021

Checking the cameras in the Border Wildlife Study is always full of wildlife sightings and interesting plants. But when I checked a block of cameras in the Huachuca Mountain foothills last…
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The Border Wildlife Study Rodeo

February 24, 2021

For many youngsters around the West, it is Rodeo Break. I hardly ever went to the actual Rodeo, but I sure miss having those two days off! In our Border…
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Introduction to the Aravaipa Canyon & Invasive Vinca

January 28, 2021

Join us to learn about The Nature Conservancy’s Aravaipa Canyon Preserve and the work Sky Island Alliance is doing there on invasive periwinkle (Vinca major). First, TNC Preserve Steward Aaron…
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Sky Island Situation Room—Stopping the Runaway Wall

January 21, 2021

In January 2021, when our attention should be focused on healing from border damage inflicted during the last four years, we find ourselves instead having to double our research and…
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Celebrating Three Decades of Sky Island Conservation

January 14, 2021

The new year marks a huge milestone for Sky Island Alliance—2021 is the organization’s 30th anniversary! Join SIA Executive Director Louise Misztal for the first coffee break of 2021 and…
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